What's included?

Everything you need to succeed!

  • 6 x Video-Based Lessons

    Investing Essentials includes six video-based lessons. That's hours of research and knowledge condensed into six episodes for your consumption. Learn at your own pace, and rewatch as many times as you like!

  • Advanced Research

    Access awesome relevant additional learning materials from BullsEye Insights to supplement your learning and deepen your understanding!

  • Ask Questions

    Not quite getting something? Want to ask a question? Submit it through the course and it will be picked up by BullsEye Academy and answered.

  • Downloadable Content

    Extra downloadable content is included. Put it to good use as you continue your investing journey!

  • Interactive Quizzes

    Put your knowledge to the test! Interactive quizzes are included to validate your learning. Pass the End of Course Quiz to earn your BullsEye Academy Certificate

Investing Essentials Overview

  • 1

    Investing Essentials

    • Welcome to Investing Essentials (3 mins)

  • 2

    Chapter 1: Welcome to Investing

    • Welcome to Investing (E1) (30 mins)

    • FIRE: Financial Independence, Retire Early (5-10 mins short read)

  • 3

    Chapter 2: The Power of Investing

    • The Power of Investing (E2) (40 mins)

  • 4

    Chapter 3: What Type of Investor Are You?

    • What Type of Investor Are You? (E3) (26 mins)

    • Know Your Risk Appetite Questionnaire (Downloadable Quiz)

  • 5

    Chapter 4: Passive Versus Active Investing

    • Passive Versus Active Investing (E4) (22 mins)

    • Investing: Should You Talk To A Financial Advisor, Or Do It Yourself? (5-10 min short read)

  • 6

    Chapter 5: Overview of Financial Markets & Asset Classes

    • Overview of the Financial Markets & Asset Classes - Part 1 (E5) (56 mins)

    • Overview of Financial Markets & Asset Classes - Part 2 (E6) (60 mins)

  • 7

    Downloadable Content & Further Reading

    • The Ten Commandments for Investing (downloadable PDF)

  • 8

    Test Your Knowledge

    • End of Course Quiz (Interactive Multi-Choice Quiz)

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